Growth Capabilities

We're not interested in simply maintaining your organization. We want to work with you to set new goals for growth. We can help build the revenue base you need in order to meet those goals.

STAT has more than 16 years of experience generating revenue: recruiting and retaining members, managing profitable meetings, increasing conference registrations, and building effective financial strategies. Our in-house marketing services-including telemarketing-and meetings services are key components of our support for your organization.

Your association's stability and success are critically important to us. Each year we will work with your leadership to build a budget and stay within it. As part of this stewardship, we receive, retain, and release funds as planned. By operating within your means we prevent cycles of financial damage.

STAT offers an economical, fixed-fee approach to management. We clearly present our costs up front and do not add commissions or unanticipated hourly charges. Because our approach is goal-oriented, not task-defined, together we create a plan to continually grow and improve your organization. Then we work with you and do what's necessary to meet your goals.

As a management company serving multiple clients we are able to give you an impartial, professional perspective on issues of finance and administration. At the same time, our management is seamless and transparent to your members. We build relationships with your volunteer leaders and blend into the organization.
- Executive and financial management

- Strategic planning

- Membership development

- Member services and publications-print and online

- Marketing, public relations, and communications

- Telemarketing-telereminders

- Conference, trade show, event and meeting planning and management

- Database and list development and management

- Education and certification program management

- Personnel, equipment, and facilities