What Is Assocation Management?

Understanding Association Management

While the missions and goals differ greatly among the more than 60,000 not-for-profit organizations operating in the United States, the administrative structure, legal requirements and development skills required by each are similar.

Some organizations decide to establish and support their own staff. Others choose to use a professional association management company (AMC) to provide administrative support. The International Association of Association Management Companies (IAAMC) defines an AMC as "a firm of skilled professionals whose goal is to provide management expertise and specialized administration services for associations in an efficient, cost-effective manner."

Using an AMC allows association leadership to focus their energy on industry and professional issues rather than time-consuming administrative detail. This approach can also be more economical, allowing increased resources to be spent on member benefit programs.

With staff specially trained and experienced in the needs of associations, AMCs understand the complexity of issues facing associations and the rapid changes within professions, technology, and government regulations. Using AMC can reduce an association's overhead and personnel expenses while providing depth of staff, comparative experience, consolidated industry knowledge and efficient and cost-effective practices.

Why STAT Association Management for association management?

When STAT Association Marketing and Management signs a contract to manage your association, we contract to set growth goals and establish benchmarks to meet or exceed those goals.

Our foundation in marketing and revenue generation makes this level of commitment possible. We've spent 16 years serving clients by recruiting and retaining members, managing profitable meetings, increasing conference registrations, and building effective financial strategies-creating the revenue base that supports growth for our client associations.

Ideal For

Ideal if your organization is looking to:
- Take the next step up-or the first step-in professional management

- Revitalize an organization by cutting costs and utilizing AMC expertise

- Find a safe harbor to keep a mature association alive and retain key staff

*** STAT Association Management understands the distinct financial, personnel and administrative issues involved. As an established company, we have the resources in place to achieve success for your group.