October 12, 2020

Keep your certification program striving through tough times

Is your organization equipped with the tools and expertise it needs for its certification program to prosper through these unprecedented times?  

Modernizing all aspects of a robust certification program is an essential transformation that can ultimately decide the fate of how successful your program is in the years to come.  Staying on top of current industry trends helps prevent stagnation and provides new opportunities to promote active engagement with your members.  Digital badging is a relatively new industry trend, which enables your organization to distribute professionally designed digital badges to your certified members. The digital badges can be shared and displayed through all major social networking platforms, which promotes engagement and extends the recognition and branding of your certification program.  Don’t get left behind in these changing times, modern certification holders want more than just a printed certificate on the wall.

Virtual proctoring is now becoming the standard way to take exams, enabling test takers to test in a remote environment, while also upholding the integrity of your examination process.  There is a wide range of virtual proctoring options, from fully-automated AI technology to one-on-one proctoring via a webcam. From deciding on the right virtual proctoring provider to use, to creating a digital badge program for your designees, navigating this new landscape can be daunting.  This is where the expertise and guidance that STAT provides for a certification program is invaluable.  Our decades of experience in successfully managing certification programs put us in a unique position to modernize any certification program, custom-fit to meet the needs of your organization.

As competition increases for job openings, having a certification is also more valuable than ever for your members.  Making them aware of this is also a vital marketing endeavor that should not be overlooked. Employers can’t afford to have unsuccessful hires, and in many cases have a prerequisite certification requirement in place to screen applicants. Having the right credential on their resume can be the deciding factor in landing their next job or promotion. In these uncertain times, upgrading their professional qualifications can be one of the smartest decisions they ever make for their careers.

Organizations will benefit greatly from adopting a modernized approach to their certification program.  Combined with a targeted marketing campaign, certification can provide a vital non-dues revenue stream for your organization.  As your certification program continues to adapt and evolve, it increasingly adds value to your membership and enhances the credibility and name recognition of your organization.